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Last Updated: May 03, 2018 01:54PM PDT
First things first - make sure that your browser's version of Adobe Flash Player is up to date. You can make sure you've got the most current version by checking here: and if you don't have Adobe Flash Player at all, there's a link for that too:

Which browser are you using?  We have found Google Chrome to be the most compatible with our program.  Though Internet Explorer, Firefox or other browsers may also seem to work, you may encounter limited functionality or run into some bugs.

If neither of the above resolve your issue, you may want to try shutting down your device completely, and then restarting.  (We know, we know, this sounds so obvious, but it's amazing what a good reboot can do for you sometimes!)

We have found the following list of common issues and suggestions to address the majority of errors that users have encountered:
  • You may be experiencing an internet connection issue.  You may want to restart your modem or router, or test your internet speed at a site such as (Those 'slow internet speeds' they talk about in commercials are really a thing, and they really can slow you down sometimes!)
  • If your videos typically work, but you've suddenly run into trouble, your internet may be experiencing routing issues.
  • It's possible your machine/equipment may not have adequate resources (not enough RAM, processing power, etc.)
  • Compatibility conflict with another application on your PC (often caused by virus or spyware protection that you may have running on your computer)
  • It may be something as simple as needing to clear your browser's cookies and cache.  How this is done varies depending on which browser you're using, but typically there is a Settings Menu that you can access while you have a browser window open, and within that menu you will find an option to clear your cookies/cache.
  • Are you trying to access the videos using a bookmark?  There's a possibility that's causing the issue.  Try deleting and recreating the bookmark to ensure it's directing you to the correct page.

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